Help Desk


1.  If the problem to be reported is not critical, please e-mail Help Desk, located in the Novell Groupwise Address Book, as user Help Desk or email  On the email please specify the piece of equipment or software you are having the problems with and any error message that you are getting.  Do not put the description of the problem in the subject line of your email, put it in the body of the email message.  Once this email is received it will be prioritized and assigned to the appropriate technician or other individual that can take care of the problem.  Once the Help Desk software has opened the mail and has generated a work order, it will send you an automatic reply, with a Work Order number.  Please refer to this number, if inquiring about your problem.

2.  If the problem is critical, i.e.; cannot access STAC, cannot access the network, your PC or printer is completely down, you may report these problems by telephone.  You may always call the Help Desk number listed below, or one of the other numbers listed below.  There is always at least one person in ITS, so you should find someone to take your call.

3.  If a computer and/or printer needs to be moved by this division, you must give notice as soon as possible, a 48 hour notice is preferred.  Please email Helpdesk with these requests and specify what equipment needs to be moved and the move date.

4.  To follow up on a call placed thru the Help Desk or to ask a general question, please do not email Help Desk or it will generate another work order, you may email Roy Sanderfur at or you may call him in Viera at ext 2402.

We are here to assist you with all your computer problems and needs.  .

Main ITS Contacts for your location:

Help Desk – ext 2402 in Viera
Brevard County– Roy Sanderfur, ext 2402
Seminole County– Ken Lauridsen, ext 6209

Other phone numbers or pager numbers of ITS, in case of emergency:
ROY SANDERFUR – Systems Support Specialist (Help Desk)
Office # in Viera ext. 2402, Pager # 321-635-3722

PETE WOLF, Lead Network Specialist
 in Viera 321-617-7512

KEN LAURIDSEN- Network Specialist
Office #
 in Sanford 407-665-6209

LYNN JOHNSON – Automated Systems Specialist (Imaging Administrator)
Office #
 in Viera 321-637-5585

Office #
 in Viera 617-7551, Office cell # 321-684-1953