Information Technology Systems Division

The Information Technology Systems Division (ITS) is responsible for everything computer related, except for STAC, for the entire SAO 18th Judicial Circuit.  This includes network support, PCs, any peripherials connected to the PCs (printers, scanners, etc), software, IT Policy and Procedures, Imaging, Help Desk, telecommunications (connectivity between the offices and to other agencies), computer security, computer backups, email, and Website and Intranet services.

The main data center for the State Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit is located in the Viera Office in Brevard County.   The ITS Division is comprised of  one Director, four IT support staff,and six imaging staff, for Brevard and Seminole Counties.  Three IT support staff, the Director and four imaging staff are located in Viera, Brevard County and one IT support staff member and two imaging staff are located in Seminole County.  All ITS Support staff travel between counties, as needed, as well as the ITS Director.

The Help Desk is located in Viera, Brevard County, however, all Help Desk Calls are entered into a database and calls are assigned and prioritized.  Most calls can be handled remotely, but if an on site technician is needed, the call will be assigned to the closest technician.


  • Responsible for all areas of IT (except for STAC software) for the State Attorney’s Office, Eighteenth Judicial Circuit.
  • Supervisor to all IT staff, two Automated Systems Specialists, Systems Support Specialist and provides direction to the county Network Specialist assigned to this agency.
  • Oversee day to day operations of the ITS Division.
  • Oversees network administration to all servers.
  • Provides administration for the SAO E-Mail and scheduling system (Groupwise).
  • Provide installation, administration and training of wireless software and wireless devices.
  • Evaluate all computer needs (hardware and software) and any future technology requirements for the State Attorney’s Office and reports them to the Executive Director.
  • Responsible for planning and implementing all IT Projects (except STAC) for the State Attorney’s Office.
  • Acts as a representative of the State Attorney’s Office, 18th Judicial Circuit, on various Information Technology Committees and with other agencies concerning connectivity.
  • Work with outside vendors providing computer services and negotiating service contracts.
  • Maintain and implement all computer policy and procedures and provide training when necessary.
  • Approve specifications for all Information Technology hardware and software
  • Prepare the Agency Annual Enterprise Resource Planning and Management Report .
  • Responsible for preparing the Information Technology section of the Long Range Program Plan for Director of Administrative Services.
  • Facilitator and organizer for the Law Enforcement Technology Committees in Brevard County.
  • Help Desk Administrator
  • Oversee the operations of the Imaging Department along with the Imaging Administrator.
  • Provide IT Budget requirements to the Executive Director and work with the Director of Administrative Services in budget preparation for Brevard and Seminole Counties..
  • Oversee the security of the State Attorney computer network.
  • Coordinates new design and updates for the office internet and intranet with outside vendor.


  • Backup to the Director of Information Technology
  • Supervise Imaging (Brevard & Seminole) and fileroom Staff.
  • Act as primary contact with outside agencies for accessing their Network and for those wanting access to our Network.
  • Maintain all FCIC/NCIC records (Brevard County)
  • Troubleshoot minor computer problems.
  • Set up new users on Network/Help Desk Software
  • Responsible for conducting IT/Groupwise Training portion of EMAP
  • Imaging Administrator
  • Maintain employee profiles in Help Desk database


  • Lead Network and Telecommunications Specialist for SAO, 18th Judicial Circuit.
  • Maintains all network operating systems for the SAO, 18th Circuit.
  • Responsible for securing the State Attorney, 18th Judicial Circuit’s computer network and resources.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs all network and telecommunications problems for the SAO, 18th Judicial Circuit.
  • Performs routine maintenance on network and equipment
  • Provides hardware and software specifications for network projects for the SAO, 18th Circuit, to the ITS Director.
  • Oversees and is responsible for the completion of all network projects for the SAO, 18th Circuit.
  • Responsible for diagramming SAO, 18th Circuit’s computer network
  • Responsible for maintaining the SAO, 18th Circuit’s email system.
  • Responsible for the computer backups for the 18th Circuit, including data being sent off-site to Iron Mountain facilities.


  • Receive all computer problem calls for Brevard and Seminole Counties and enters calls into help Desk database.
  • Troubleshoot and repair problems calls in Help Desk or prioritize and assign to another ITS employee.
  • Perform computer hardware and software installations.
  • Oversees and/or completes the creation of PC images of the State Attorney,18th Judicial Circuit’s computers.
  • Maintain and track computer inventory for Brevard and Seminole Counties and updates the BOMS database, as necessary.
  • Assist network specialists in Brevard and Seminole Counties with network projects as needed.
  • Check for Virus updates and information every morning and distribute virus definitions/updates as necessary.


  • Maintain network and PC Operating Systems for Seminole County SAO.
  • Receives, troubleshoots and repairs software and hardware problem calls for Seminole County.
  • Assists in the installation of computer hardware in Seminole County.
  • Installs computer software, as needed, in Seminole County.
  • Oversees the day-to-day operations of IT functions in Seminole County under the direction of the ITS Director.
  • Provides routine maintenance on servers in Seminole County, as needed.
  • Assists the Lead Network Specialist in completing network projects, as needed.
  • Works as a liason with Seminole County and their leasing agent for computer installations in Seminole County.
  • Postmaster for SAO18th, Groupwise mail server


The imaging staff is responsible for scanning and indexing all felony paperwork, active or disposed.  Some paperwork is scanned by the Division secretaries, however, a majority of the paperwork is done by the imaging staff.